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Ref. ID: BG-32470
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High Quality Holiday Beach Complex, Kamchiya Resort, Golden Sands Region, €Call Us

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Investment project for 4+ Star Hotel & Residence Spa & Beach Resort in Kamchiya Estuary Area, Black Sea, Bulgaria
This project features high-end tourist destination, uniquely located next to the River Kamchiya estuary, very close to long beach.
  • From Varna Int'l Airport: 30 km;
  • From Burgas Int'l Airport: 60 km;
  • To the Beach: 1785 m;
  • To Kamchiya River: 460 m;
  • From E87 Main Road (Burgas-Varna): 1900 m;
Kamchiya Area Characteristics:
  • Excellent 8 km Long White Sandy Beaches;
  • Dense Oak Forests;
  • Stunning Landscapes;
  • Exceptional Kamchiya River Estuary;
  • Constantly Improving Infrastructure;
  • Intensification of Tourist Developments
**** Kamchiya Romance Hotel & Residence Spa & Beach Resort:
  • 4+ Star Hotel: 350 beds
  • Apartment Units: 110
  • Swimming Pools: 3
  • Restaurants: 3
  • Bars: 2
  • Open-Air Theatre: 1
  • Spa & Wellness: 1
  • Sport Centre: 1
Facts & Figures:
  • Plot Size: 17,370 m2;
  • Building Density: 0.25;
  • Building Intensity: 1.2 (1.5 is also achievable);
  • Total Built-Up Area: 20,045 m2 (up to 26,055 m2);
  • Cost of the Project: 2 mln;
  • Building Works: ~ 8 mln;
  • Project Time Line: 1,5 year;

*At this stage even major changes to the project's layout are possible to maximise investor's profitability


NEWS: Luzhkov Opens Moscow-Owned Resort on Bulgarian Sea Coast

Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov have foramlly inaugurated a resort complex on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast owned by the Russian capital.

The Raduga complex, which is part of the Kamchiya resort, was built in 12 months, with an investment of about EUR 40 M.

The complex is owned by the city of Moscow, which invested in it in order to turn it into a recreational facility for Russian kids and pensioners.

The "Children's Health Camp Raduga", as it is formally called, has about 600 beds and the capacity to host a staff of 100. About 11 000 Russian kids and 3500 war veterans are expected to stay at the resort in 2011.

Property: Building Land (Project)
Region: Golden Sands Region
Location: Kamchiya Resort
Bedrooms: 500
Outside: Large park; 8 km long white sandy beach; Kamchiya River nearby
Land: 17,370 m2
Density: 25%
Intensity: 1.2
Max Height: 10.0 m
Total Built-Up Area: 20,045 m2
(seller's asking net price is highlighted; other prices are for reference use only using Bulgarian Central Bank's exchange rates of the day)
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