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What Our Clients Have Recently Said About Our Re-Sale Service?

"Excellent service throughout. The staff show the utmost professionalism and were a pleasure to deal with, allowing everything to be dealt with quickly and stress free. I would definitely recommend them."
Brian Francis,
United Kingdom,
March 2018


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"I have sold two plots of land through EasyBG and couldn't be happier with the service. Living in the UK my experience in the foreign property market is somewhat limited but Nick helped me every step of the way. He is reliable, trustworthy and highly professional. Anyone looking to buy or sell in Bulgaria should look no further than EasyBG."
Raydn Hunter,
United Kingdom,
March 2018

"My fiancé and I just bought a property through easyBG and we are very happy with them. We spent a while looking for the right house and dealt with a few other agencies beforehand. Nick was a cut above the rest with his professionalism and help from start to finish. You can rest assured that they are trustworthy and will make the process as smooth as possible. Highly recommended and very pleased with our house!"
Ross Pappin,
United Kingdom,
March 2018


Some Food for Thought


Firstly - do you need an agent to get your BG property sold or bought? Absolutely not! Not by the Law, at least. Certainly, you could do that on your own - no agent, no fee, no overcosts. But please keep in mind that also means no legal advice, no established company's security, no integrity check, no track record, no proper office and/or any infrastructure, improper deeds (quite often, unfortunately), cabbie's (literally) style of doing business etc. There are plenty of web sites available nowadays full of useful DIY stories (some of them are happy-ending actually). Plenty of bad apple examples on the UK weekend papers too, sadly.

OK then, so if you're keep reading this - you're on the right way (most likely) to accomplish your BG property project - either to start your very first one or to complete your current one.

Below are some of the things for you to consider before deciding to give us your trust to find you a buyer for your BG property (because in this business trust is everything):

  1. We do know the property market and the most effective means to advertise your property - including but not limited to:
    • runnnig paid (by us) campaign(s) in the major paid BG property portals ;
    • making professional video (£350 value!) including state-of-the-art drone aerial video equipment of your property (if it fits);
    • all sorts of transportation costs to show people to your property;
    • printing professional promo materials for your property (if it's found fit);
    • participating National and International property shows.
  2. FREE property valuation; (£150 value!)
  3. Currently nearly all the major buyers are locals;
  4. We are very pro-active on the local market for many years now;
  5. Your property would get the most effective marketting exposure in Bulgaria;
  6. Unlike many other 'agents' around we're providing our intesrested clients with direct (not moderated) contact to our previous ones - enough said;
  7. No Sale - No Fee - It won't cost you a penny before the actual sale - all the marketing expenses are covered by Properties in Bulgaria (easyBG Ltd.);
  8. Too good to be true? Is there a catch? Of course, there is (there always is). We'd like us to be your sole agent on the BG market for selling your BG property. We believe that's the only proper and fair way of doing that business and we'll hope our efforts and spendings won't be wasted eventually. Makes good sense, doesn't it?
20 Years of Service
Whilst every care is taken to ensure that all general information and descriptions of property is correct we advise all clients to make their own checks and take legal advise when purchasing property overseas. Information and price guides subject to change. All properties shown are to the best of our knowledge genuinely for sale at the time of publication (unless clearly marked "Under Offer" or "Sold"). Although the properties have been visited by our staff and details are produced in good faith, no responsibility is taken by us for any discrepancies, inaccuracies or omissions. All introductions and referrals to agents, lawyers and other services are made in good faith but no responsibility is taken by us for any problems or negligence which may arise. All background information about Bulgaria is taken from that available in the public domain and is not a recommendation from us or our staff although of course we may add comments and suggestions based on personal experience (such as restaurants)
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