1. Content: Your free property listing's body should be written in English and not containing any misleading parts/phrases in regards to the property market/sales in Bulgaria or elsewhere.
Listings containing advertising and/or links to any other similar online/offline service would not be published. 

2. Reliability: Each and every one of published free property listings should be fully reliable and to not contain any misleading information as a whole or as a part of it. 

3. Uniqueness: Each free property listing should not be published more than once on this website unless it's suitable for more than one category. Free property listings would be deleted without notice if they're already published on any other similiar services. 

4. Actuality: All the published on this service free private property listings should be actual at any given moment. It's up to the individual's discretion to make sure the published free property listing is valid and in case it's no longer the case to either delete/update their listing(s) or to contact the system administrator. 

5. Photographs: Maximum allowance for published photographs is twenty five (25), assuming the following requirements are all met:
- Minimum picture size: 1500x1000 pixels;
- Picture file format: .JPG
- Picture file size: up to 10 MB

6. Representation: Each private individual published free property listing on agrees to be represented during the sale of the described property deal by Properties in Bulgaria Real Estate and/or its solicitor(s). Upon successful signing of the preliminary contract for the sale a service fee is due to Properties in Bulgaria Real Estate within 3 business days after the day of the contract. This one off service fee is currently set to be 3.5% (excl. VAT) of the selling price but not less than EUR 2000 (two thousand)

7. Responsibilities: The individual published free property listing on is fully responsible for its content and for the consequences of the same. 

8. Properties in Bulgaria Real Estate's Obligations: Properties in Bulgaria Real Estate shall inform all the affected parties for upcoming or made changes in these terms and conditions. 

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